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FURBY is an INTERACTIVE pet toy created by Tiger Electronics and Hasbro. It was the hot toy of Christmas 1998 and people queued up in toy shops all over the globe to buy their own Furby. A Furby can interact with other Furbys using its infra-red port . They wiggle their ears, move their body, blink their eyes and move their mouths as they speak. They have 5 sensors . A motion sensor, a tummy sensor, back sensor, sound sensor and a light sensor. Furbys can play games such as 'Furby says', ‘ask Furby’ and ‘hide and seek’. They dance and you can even teach them tricks! All this with only the use of 4 AA batteries. When you first get a Furby they speak their own language, ‘Furbish’, but they start to learn English as you play with them. At their 4th stage, when they are fully developed, they speak 80% English and 20% Furbish . Furbys come in many different styles and colours. Tiger Electronics produced different generations of Furbys and even went on to develop a Furby Baby. Furby Babies are smaller versions of the adult Furby with an extended vocabulary. is the only independent online shop based in the UK which specializes in selling the original Furby and Furby Baby released in 1998, 1999 and 2000 . We also sell special collector’s edition Furbys including Santa Furby, Millennium Furby, Royal Furby, Halloween Furby, Tropical Furby and even very RARE Furbys such as the Kid Cuisine Furby.... On top of which you can find some really rare Furby fakes like Baby Brainy, Furdy and Foobie. Also, you can find other interactive toys from the same series, such as interactive Gizmo, Shelby, ET, Yoda, Foobie, the new 2005 Furby, 2005 babies and Furdy! Other names for our site are and Adopt a Furby today and get a free adoption package with free postage to the UK.