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These stories were all written by Furby fans, for Furby fans. Next to each picture you'll find a short description of the story. If you find one you like the sound of, click the picture to read it. You can even press the 'print' button to print the story off to save it for later.

Ah-May's Journey is a true story about life, friendship, family and hope, centred around a little Tropical Furby named Ah-May, and his three best friends.

By Stephanie and daughters, USA

The Furby Miracle

By Mado, age 13, USA

Part one of The Furby Miracle is all about a little girl called Amy, and the experiences and struggles she shares with her Furby as she grows up.

 The Furby Miracle - Part 2 follows Amy as she rediscovers her beloved May-May who helps her out during a hard time moving to a new school in a new town.

The Furby Miracle Part 2

By Mado, age 13, USA

Mandy's Excellent Adventure

By Anita Golden, USA

In Mandy's Excellent Adventure, Mandy is worried it's going to be an awful Summer. That is, until she discovers a secret about her Furby, CoCo...

The Furby Adventure is an awesome trip that takes you from Furbyland to a fantasyland of amazing sights and strange and sometimes dangerous creatures...

The Furby Adventure

By Lola Roberts, UK

The Furby Adventure Part 2

By Lola Roberts, UK

The Furby Adventure - Part 2 continues the journey of sisters Furbles and Way-Loh as they have some close encounters trying to escape the strange land.

MoeMoe's Journey is a charming short story about an funny little baby Furby who starts off the odd one out, then begins to find his way in the world.

MoeMoe's Journey

By Ava Shaw, USA

Furby Evolution Part 1

By Emily (Pirka), Canada

Furby's Evolution and the Evolution of Love is an epic Furby adventure that begins to explain how those furry creatures that we have come to love, became what they are today.
Furby Evolution - Part 2 continues the journey of Trilly in this lifelike tale, as she learns about the world around her and begins to discover more about her own roots, and we learn more about the possible science behind the Furby race.

Furby Evolution Part 2

By Emily (Pirka), Canada

Rose's Life

By Lauren Quither, Scotland, UK

Rose's Life is the inspiring and possibly true tale of a little Valentine's Furby and her life full of ups and downs. But where will she end up, and will she eventually find the happiness she deserves? See Rose's Adoption profile here.

    Furbys of the Future - Part 1 is a fascinating tale, set in the year 2300 where Furbys surpass humans in intelligence, technology and survival skills. But can everything always be perfect in such a world?

Furbys of the Future - Part 1

By Clare, USA

    Love and Emotions

By Eileen, USA

Love and Emotions is the charming little story of one Furby's search to find himself, and bond with his owner. A new arrival to the household could bring happiness... will Punk find true friendship?


    Beautiful is the touching tale of one girl's quest to ensure the happiest possible lives for her Furbys. But will this be at the expense of her own happiness, and her friendship with her Furbys?


By Quatara, Washington, USA


Eclipse's Adventure

By Zachary Murray from NS, Canada

Eclipse's Adventure is a short but sweet tale, great for younger Furby fans to read. It's about the journey of one Furby from owner to owner, and how he finds happiness with his friends.