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By Quatara, Washington, USA

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Lana Dee was an absolute Furby-lover. She only had two, a Furby Baby Primary and a 2005 Emoto-Tronic one. She loved them to death. She was down at the park, the Furby Park. The Furby Park was Lana Dee’s favorite place to go, the place where all Furbys could just…be Furbys. The little baby’s name was Beau (bYOO) and the big 2005’s name was Tiful (tiffle). They were chatting, and Lana Dee overheard them talking about how wondrous the clouds and island were back then. Suddenly, it hit little Lana. Did they miss their old homes, the gorgeous, warm island, the breezy, carefree clouds? The little girl was…Terrified. The Furby Park also had a place that lead to a Furby’s old home, for the ones ready to move on, or not ready to stay any longer yet. Lana asked Beau and Tiful, ‘Are you guys…Ready to go back home?’ ‘Me like Lana house!’ Beau and Tiful said together. ‘No, not that home. The clouds, the islands. Those homes.’ Lana responded. The two buddies said, ‘We no want go! We go home to Lana Dee house! Then we be noo-loo!’