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Furbys of the Future - Part 1

By Clare, USA

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The year is 2300. Over the past 292 years, Furbys have become the dominant people on the planet. As Hasbro built more advanced Furbys, it grew richer and richer and richer, until it had sole domination over the entire industrial network. Soon, Furby had become smart enough to create more of it. The new Furbys were stronger, more suitable to all terrains, and more ambitious. They were not cruel, however, and looked upon the older Furbys, and humans, with respect. They upgraded all the Furbys, so they could live as they did. Soon, there were towns entirely for Furbys. By 2200, the ratio of human-Furby was 1/3, many more Furbys than humans. Other things, like Gizmo and Shelby, were also upgraded. By 2250, Furbys were in space. Humans were a minority. The Furbys had created a way to live on other planets, and they were implementing a plan to send approximately 2.5 billion humans to mars. Then they would put 25 billion on the moon, and let them have that area. They would send the rest to satellite stations. Furbys ruled the world.