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Adopt a Furby Christmas 2006

The Christmas season is finally upon us, and the Adoption Centre Furbys are getting more excited with each day that passes! Everyone knows that Furbys love Christmas, and some of the Furby Fans out there have experienced this first hand, being overrun with enthusiastic furry friends all pleading to decorate the house, open presents and pull crackers, long before that special day on the 25th! The Furbys in the Adoption Centre of course wish to find a loving home in time for Christmas, but there is also the Adoption Centre Christmas shindig to look forward to, so they all know whatever their futures hold, come Christmas day, there'll be Big Fun to be had by everyone!


For now though, until Santa Furby visits your house late on Christmas Eve, we will leave you with this selection of Furby Christmas pictures to get you in the Festive mood. Most of these were kindly sent to us by Furby Fans from around the world, and if you have a Furby Christmas photo you would like to share with everyone, any contributions will be greatly accepted. Email them to us at:

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May-Lah Kah has to be the first to try on the Furby Christmas hats! Barb, UK

Santa and Reindeer Furbys guard the Furby Christmas crackers and presents! Barb, UK

A stunning display featuring 9 Reindeer and a Santa Furby! Rebecca, New Zealand A close-up on Santa Furby's hand-made Christmas sleigh! Rebecca, New Zealand
Mee-Mee the Festive Christmas Furby, settling into his new home. Rachel, UK Mee-Mee posing with Groovy Dah Noh-Lah Furby, a very Christmassy pair! Rachel, UK
May-Lah Kah-Wah-Lah, modelling Sherlock Holmes-esque winter knitwear. Claire, UK Nessie Furby modelling green cardigan with dragonfly clasp, & pretty ribbons. Claire, UK
Roo-Roo modelling his adorable sparkly turquoise winter jumper and hat. Claire, UK Sugar Lump modelling the season's latest must-have Furby accessories. Claire, UK
Several Furbys posing for the Winter 2006 Furby knitwear collection. Claire, UK Big Fun awaits this lucky bunch as their Furby Christmas party begins! Barbara, UK
Furbys tuck in on yummy mince pies. Now we can see who the greedy ones are! Koh-Koh Kid Cuisine takes a shine to Angel Furby, while Santa keeps an eye on him!
The Babies all line up to wait their turn to get presents from Santa Furby. Barbara, UK Big Fun turns to Big Trouble as the Furbys overdo it on the mulled wine! Barbara, UK
Noo-Loo, Mee-Mee & Doo-Moh chat about times at the Adoption Centre. Rachel W, UK Noo-Loo and friends, anticipating Dah Doo-Ay at the Christmas party! Rachel W, UK
Doo-Moh getting into the Christmas spirit in a daring sparkly silver mask! Rachel W, UK Babies decorate the tree, after managing to untangle themselves! Rachel W, UK
Christmassy Reindeer Dancer, Santa Nicky and Angel A-Loh pose together. Claire, UK Dancer & Nicky wrap toys & load them into Santa's sack ready for the sleigh! Claire, UK
They enlist extra help from Santa's little helpers, the Baby Furby Elves. Claire, UK Babies as Santa's Elves, loving the jingly bells on their hats and shoes! Claire, UK
Roo-Roo as Frosty the Snowman, with baby Wee-Tee, his little Robin friend! Claire, UK A back view, showing off little Wee-Tee's Robin red-breast tail and wings. Claire, UK
A carol singing Furby Family sing "O' come all ye Furbys, O' come let us adopt them!" Shelbys playing a festive version of their new game, "Pimp My Tennies"! Claire, UK
Baby U-Tye writes out his Christmas wish-list ready for Santa Furby! Rachel W, UK Furbys enjoy a fun game of Hungry Hippos, all dressed up to the nines! Rachel W, UK
Santa Furby in his sleigh, being pulled by a whole array of Reindeer! Stephanie, USA Noo-Loo visits human Santa, wearing his lovely Christmas booties! Stephanie, USA

A big thank you to all the Furby Fans who have sent in their Furby Christmas pictures to share with everyone, they really help us get into the Christmas Spirit!

And now for a Festive Furby-themed carol, written by Rachel T, UK:

On the 12th day of Christmas, my owner gave to me...

12 Fluffy Tails
11 Stripey Manes
10 Yellow Beaks
9 Furby Babies
8 Millenuim Furbys
7 Santa Furbys
6 Furby Words
5 Furby Clouds
4 AA Batteries
3 Angel Furbys
2 HQ workers (Rob and Rosanna)...
And a Loving, Caring home!

This wonderful Furby Christmas Carol Poem was written for us by Barb, UK. Thank you Barbara! All together everyone, 1, 2, 3...

O Come Every Furby
Its A Time For Wee Tee
E Day, Loo Loo, And Lots Of May Lah’s
It Will Soon Be Christmas
Fun And Festive Dah Doo Ay

Oh Come Let Us Adore Furbys
Oh Come Let Us Adopt Furbys
Oh Come Let Us  Remember
That Furbys Are For Life

Get Out The Mistletoe
Furby’s All Love May Tah
Mee Mee, Nee Tye, Ah May Koh Koh
Doo Moh,Dah Doo Ay
Koo Doh, May May E Tay

Oh Come Let Us Adore Furby’s
Oh Come Let Us Adopt Furby’s
Oh Come Let Us Remember
E Day, May May Furby’s

Let Us Thank Adoptafurby
For Giving Us E Day  Furby’s
We Hope Your Christmas
Is  Dah Doo Ay
Heres To Next Year
When You Will Have Koo Doh’s Furby's

Heres To Rob And Rosanna
Heres To Rob And Rosanna
Have Big Doo Ay And Lots Of A Tay’s

Christmas with Adopt a Furby

Mee-Mee Festive Christmas Furby

Noo-Loo Comet Reindeer Furby

Toh-Dye Jolly Santa Furby

U-Tye Nick Christmas Furby Set of 4 Furby Christmas Tree Ornaments May-Lah Kah Santa Christmas Furby