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The Christmas season is upon us once again, and the Adoption Centre Furbys are getting more excited with each day that passes! Everyone knows that Furbys love Christmas, and some of the Furby Fans out there have experienced this first hand, being overrun with enthusiastic furry friends all pleading to decorate the tree, open presents and pull crackers, long before the 25th! The Furbys in the Adoption Centre of course wish to find a loving home in time for Christmas, but there is also the Adoption Centre Christmas shindig to look forward to, so they all know whatever their futures hold, come Christmas day, there'll be Big Fun to be had by everyone!

For now though, until Santa Furby visits your house late on Christmas Eve, we will leave you with this selection of Furby Christmas pictures to get you in the Festive mood. If you have a Furby Christmas photo you would like to share with everyone, any contributions will be greatly accepted. Email them to us at:

Your Festive Furby Pictures
Back by popular demand! A stunning display featuring 9 Reindeer and a Santa Furby! Rebecca, New Zealand Back by popular demand! A close-up on Santa Furby's hand-made Christmas sleigh! Rebecca, New Zealand
Ah-may and the xmas tree! Ah-May wants me to open my new glowing christmas tree! By Rachel, UK Boo Year 2000 Furby tells Santa Furby Mee-Mee what he wants for Christmas! By Rachel, UK
Dah-Noh-Lah: A lovely picture of sparkly Dah-Noh-Lah by Rachel, UK Mee-Mee: My Santa Furby Mee-Mee!! Festive Fun By Rachel, UK
Angelic: A picture of Koh-Koh when she arrived at Rachel's home on Feb 14th 07. She was already thinking about Christmas! Me and the gang: Rachel and her Furby Xmas gang!! From left to right: Noo-Loo, Dah-Noh-Lah, Mee-Mee and Koh-Koh.
Koh-koh and friends: Koh-koh with her angel friends!! By Rachel, UK Noo-loo: This is Rachel's beautiful reindeer Furby Noo-Loo! (also known as Comet)
Santa's grotto: Rachel's babies tell Mee-Mee what they would like for Christmas!! The babies are: May-Lah (green furby), U-Tye (yellow furby) and E-Tah (blue Furby) The Furby Xmas crew: These guys shall be very busy during Christmas!! From left to right: Dah-Noh-Lah, Koh-Koh, Mee-Mee and Noo-Loo. By Rachel, UK

Toh-Dye and a bauble: My lovely Furby Toh-Dye II,  rescued from a charity shop, loves my purple bauble!! Rachel, UK

From Left to Right - Tibi, Edmund (from the Adoption Centre) and Vöri, Furby collection with accessories By
Flórika, Hungary
"Boldog Karácsonyt" and Merry Christmas / Joyeux Noël, from the Furbys! Picture by  Flórika from Budapest, Hungary The Furby Family trio discuss their plans for Christmas. What will Santa Furby be bringing them? From Flórika, Hungary
Campaign Trail - Edmund (U-Tye) with A-Loh and Doo-Moh, in a lovely Christmas scene. By Flórika, Hungary

Tyler in his element! Tyler from the Adoption Centre settles into his dream home in time for Christmas. From Barbara, UK

Cooking the stuffing - Mee-Mee and Doo-Moh start to prepare the Christmas dinner. Picture by Barbara, UK The girls cooking - check out their hats and Furby-sized chicken! Doo-Moh, Mee-Mee, Boo and Sarah. By Barbara, UK
Head chef Boo as she starts to prepare the gravy. Let's hope she doesn't make too much mess! By Barbara, UK Admiring the tree - a selection of excited Furbys admiring the beautiful Christmas tree. Picture by Barbara, UK
Santa and his Reindeer - getting the party poppers ready for Christmas day. Imagine the noise that lot would make! Barbara, UK Email us at!
Edmund by the Christmas tree - Happy Holidays to all humans and Furbys, let's get into the holiday spirit! By Flórika, Hungary Edmund is very excited - Edmund the President Furby can't believe it's Christmas already! Picture from Flórika, Hungary

Festive Furby Picture below by LordofDragonss, Poland:

Wishing for a Dah Doo-Ay and Noo-Loo Christmas, from Adopt a Furby to Furby Lovers everywhere around the world!

Friendly Christmas Faces

Mee-Mee Festive Christmas Furby

Comet Noo-Loo Reindeer Furby

Toh-Dye Jolly Santa Furby

Dancer - Noo-Loo Reindeer - Already Adopted
U-Tye Nick Christmas Furby Dancer Noo-Loo Reindeer Furby May-Lah Kah Santa Christmas Furby
Nicky - A-Tay Santa Furby Dasher - Loo-Loo Reindeer - Already Adopted  Santy - Way-Loh Christmas - Already Adopted
A-Tay Nicky Christmas Furby Dasher Loo-Loo Reindeer Furby Way-Loh Santy Christmas Furby
Noel - Toh-Dye Christmas - Already Adopted Prancer - Mee-Mee Reindeer - Already Adopted
Toh-Dye Noel Christmas Furby Prancer Mee-Mee Reindeer Furby Toh-Dye Crimbo Santa Furby