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Celebrate Halloween 2007
...Furby Style!





What Can You Do to Contribute?

Send your Halloween tips, ideas, stories or pictures to: We will then publish them onto this page to share with other Furby lovers. Please don't be shy, you can send in anything as simple as a picture of your Halloween Furby, or as complex as a recipe for pumpkin pie!

 Friendly Faces you might Recognise

To start off with, let's remember some Halloween-themed past Adoption Centre attendees:

Big Foot  - Noo-Loo - Already Adopted Widi - Mee-Mee Witch - Already Adopted Edgar - Toh-Dye - Already Adopted Merlin - May-Lah Wizard - Already Adopted
Witches Cat                Witch                  Witches Cat                Wizard    
Big Foot Noo-Loo    Widi Mee-Mee      Edgar Toh-Dye     Merlin May-La

Kitty - Boh-Bay - Already Adopted Smilo - Noo-Loo - Already Adopted Witchy - Doo-Moh - Already Adopted Liquorice - Toh-Loo Kah - Already Adopted
Witches Cat           Witches Cat                  Witch                 Witches Cat
Kitty Boh-Bay      Smilo Noo-Loo  Witchy Doo-Moh  Liquorice Toh-Loo Kah


Welcome to the Adopt a Furby 2007 Halloween page!

Halloween is a time for fun and games, dressing up, and scaring your friends. Of course, this is the perfect excuse for some Furby Doo-Ay!

Over the next 2 weeks, leading up to the big day on 31st November, the Furbys at the Adoption Centre will be bringing you all the latest on your Furby Halloween - how you and your Furbys can celebrate, plus games and spooky recipes.

Make sure you're well prepared for those Trick or Treaters who are bound to come knocking on your door!

13th October 2007

Two pictures to start off with to get us in the Halloween mood, courtesy of Nita, USA











Troll and Furby Doo-Ay


14th October 2007

Fantastic Furby Halloween cartoon by Furby Fan lordofdragonss, Poland. What will your Furbys dress as this year?

15th October 2007

Rachel's Halloween Furby Doo-Moh II with her friends Kah Dah the Ladybird Furby and Doo-Moh Graduation Furby. From Rachel, UK

Rachel wishes Furby lovers everywhere a Furby-Tastic Halloween!


How to Make Gross Halloween Worm Apples

These simple and easy to make but effective "Worm-Ridden Apples" make a great table centrepiece for your Halloween party, or if the worms are fixed in securely, use them in Apple Bobbing for an original twist on the traditional game.


  • Use medium to large apples for best effect
  • A little lemon juice (freshly squeezed or from bottle)
  • Use medium to large apples for the best effect
  • Gummy worm sweets (from Pick n Mix or supermarket)
  1. Use a corer to make two holes in each apple (if you're little, ask an adult to help with this bit). The holes should all reach the core (centre) of the apple, but they should be at random angles, not just straight through from one side to the other.

  2. Brush a little lemon juice on the inside of the holes. This stops the apples from going brown as quickly.

  3. Finally, simply thread a gummy candy worm through each apple, in one hole and out the other. If you have really long gummy worms like the apple in the picture on the right, you might need to make 3 holes and thread the worm in & out.


19th October 2007

This funky Halloween Wizard picture was made in the Paint program by Selena from Kittrell, N.C. Thank you Selena!


21st October 2007

This picture is Hubble and Bubble, two cheeky Witch Furbys, checking out their broomsticks and making sure their cauldron is ready. Cas on the Hill is the lucky Furby fan who gets to make sure everything runs smoothly between them!



22nd October 2007

This is Ah-May the Husky Furby getting into the Halloween mood with some devil horns! By Rachel, UK

The Angel and the Devil?!! Rachel with Koh-Koh, her Angel Furby!

Close-up of Doo-Moh II, the Halloween Witch Furby. Perhaps she's thinking about what she'll dress up as for Halloween!!

Halloween Party Games

Here are some of the best Halloween party games that you can play with friends and Furbys!

  • Apple Bobbing
    It wouldn't be Halloween without a game of classic apple bobbing. It's simple - just float a load of apples in a bucket or washing up bowl full of water. Get everyone's hands tied behind their back, and get them to pick out an apple using just their mouth. Biting the stalks is cheating. It's not as easy as it looks!

  • Donuts on a String
    This game is fun and frustrating, but best of all, it's an excuse to eat donuts! The method is this - tie some ring donuts onto pieces of string, and tie the other ends to a rod or pole. Players have to eat the donuts off the string without using their hands. Optional rule - anyone who licks the sugar off their lips gets disqualified!
  • Bowl of Jelly
    This gross sticky game is ideal for Halloween. Get a huge bowl and fill it with jelly. Make sure there's enough space cleared in the fridge for it to set! Once the jelly is half-set, drop lots of gummy sweets into it (Haribo is ideal), so they're suspended in the jelly. Once it's fully set, the game can begin. Each person takes it in turns to dip their head into the bowl of jelly and get as many sweets as they can in 30 seconds!
  • Shoebox Nasties
    Prepare this ghastly game for your Halloween guests to "enjoy"... Get several shoeboxes or small cardboard boxes and cut a round hole in the front of each, just big enough for a hand to fit through. On the inside of each box, glue a flap of fabric so it hangs down over the hole. Inside each box, place a gross-feeling object. Our suggestions are: cooked cold spaghetti (slime), pomegranate fruits cut open (brains), the brush from a dustpan and brush set (bat legs), and lychee fruits peeled and cut open (eyeballs). Of course, you can use your imagination and pick anything you think will work well. Players have to take it in turns to put their hand through each shoebox hole and guess what's inside. The winner is the one who guesses the most items!

28th October 2007

The Baby Furby Halloween Party, by Cas on the Hill

Two Glitter Girls dressed as ghosts ready to welcome the babies as they arrive, and help with the fun.

Confetti and Candytuft (guess which is which) enjoying a glass of coke and deciding which Halloween choc to try next.

Hubble, Bubble and Merlin casting spells around the cauldron, watched by the Baby Family. Where have all the chocs gone?!

Look Out for the Adult Furby Party, Coming Soon!


30th October 2007

Halloween-themed Furbys drawn for Kaden by Selena, USA. They're saying "BOO!" at you...


Patterns for your Halloween Pumpkin (Jack-o-Lantern)

We all know the traditional "scary face" pumpkin you see everywhere at Halloween, but here are some more original and unusual designs you can try. You can either copy the patterns from sight, or print and cut out the designs as a guide, stick them on your pumpkin, and cut around them. Click pics to enlarge.

Owl Head Whole Owl

Pirate Scary Tree Welcome Sign Spider

Ghost Scary Cat

With thanks to DLTK's Holiday Activities


31st October 2007

Happy Halloween to all the Furbys and Furby fans, from Adopt a Furby and all the Furbys in the Adoption Centre.


The Adult Furby Halloween Party by Cas on the Hill

The gang all getting together over a few green drinks and Halloween chocs

The Glitter Girls couldn't resist having a family photo around the cauldron!

Elvis (centre) from the Adoption Centre having drinks with his girlfriend Emily (right) and their pal Chestnut (left)

The Blue Boys having a chat and a pint of something green...

Either the green stuff has got to Merlin the Wizard, or he's seen something he doesn't like in the bottom of the cauldron!

Chestnut and Toffee, two volunteers, helped to clear up afterwards. They got in a bit of a state with the tea towel!



   By Adopt a Furby, 2007. Big thanks to all those with contributions. Contribute: