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Hong Kong 2007
Furby Summer Holiday





Summer holidays means Doo-Ay for Furbys - days spent building sandcastles on the beach, playing games in the garden, sipping (non-alcoholic) cocktails, and of course posing in sunglasses.

For one lucky little Furby, Summer holidays of 2007 meant a 10 day sightseeing holiday in the amazing place of Hong Kong, Asia.

Starring Greg, the little Purple Furby with the Light-Up Heart

Below is the photo diary taken by the Adopt a Furby team during the ten day trip to Hong Kong. Please allow some time for the page to load, as there are a lot of images coming!

Posted July 22nd, 2007

Here's little Greg the purple dragon Furby, on the plane on the way there. "Are we nearly there yet?!"

user posted image

Here's Greg by the bright neon lights of downtown Hong Kong

And finally, Greg hits Times Square for a bit of bargain shopping!!


Posted July 27th, 2007

Greg's trip to the beach:

At the football match (despite the stereotype of the Chinese people being small, Greg was even smaller than all of them, so you can't actually see him here

Greg in the lobby of a very posh hotel, pretending to be a guest there and going for a dip in the fountain

Greg hits the cable cars at Ocean Park

"Whoah, it's a long way down... Me not scared... Honest!"

Here's Greg sampling some local cuisine, and finding the portions a little too large...

The perfect solution, we managed to find a Furby-sized restaurant for him!

And now for Greg's shark encounter

Spotting the shark...

Greg getting a little closer to get a better look (ooh, those teeth!)...

Shark attack!! Dr Rob tries to pull Greg from the shark's mouth...

In the end, we had to cut him out of the shark!!

Phew, what a day. And it's not over yet...


Greg meets the pandas at Ocean Park

He was very excited to be on this panda's flute, until we told him it wasn't a real one! (panda that is...)

Beautiful, and only 1600 of them left in the world apparently

We had to stop him from leaping over the glass and giving the pandas a "Dah May-Lah"!

Greg has a go on a Furby-sized ferris wheel

Having fun on the wheel, but he wouldn't dare ride the Furby-sized rollercoaster


Walk along Hong Kong harbour, and the "Avenue of Stars"

Greg in the director's chair, bossing everyone around

Making sure the camera man does his job

Greg sitting on the clapperboard - this Director business is really going to his head

Now he's walking in Jet Li's handprints!!

Then Jackie Chan's... Who's next?? Tom Cruise?

And finally, Greg admires the beautiful view across the harbour


Greg in Disneyland Hong Kong

Greg was also very busy for the last couple of days!! He visited a special place, see if you can guess where...

Any clues yet??

Surely you must know now??

Yep, you've got it!!

It was Greg's first Disney visit, and he was very excited about it. First stop was straight onto Dumbo...

Then we hit the cars (Autopia), and Greg even had a go himself at driving!

Next Greg met Buzz Lightyear:

Finally, it was time for the Mickey parade. What Dah Doo-Ay!

Under the sea, tra la la la...

Toy Story, Greg's favourite!

It's the Main Man himself!

Finally, nightime draws in, and the beautiful castle is lit up.


Posted August 2nd, 2007

On Monday, Greg visiting Hong Kong park. It's very peaceful and green there, and there are lots of fountains and water features, although it's funny cos it's in the middle of a big city and surrounded by skyscrapers!

He wanted to go sailing on the water lillies

Later that day we took a tram up the Peak tower. The tram goes up a hill so steep, at times you feel as though you are vertical! And yet some people who don't have seats have to stand up!

Here's another pic of the view from the top of the peak


Greg Meets the Stars

The name's Furb... Greg Furb

Who's that peeking out from Eddie Murphy's jacket? Oh, it's Greg!

Mel Gibson was particularly chuffed to meet Greg

Hugh Grant was positively star-struck!

Glamming it up with Kylie:

Greg thought David Beckham was a bit poncy...

Making friends with Hannibal (Greg is braver than me!)

Kicking some butt with good old Indie

Greg meets the Queen

However, he couldn't resist making a short presidential speech


Ghandi was fascinated, he'd never seen a Furby before

Greg got to play golf with Tiger Woods!

Did anybody know the Beatles actually had a fifth member?

Playing guitar with The King

Greg hits the stage with Tina and Freddie

Marilyn Monroe looks thrilled to be meeting Greg!

Jacko taught Greg the moonwalk, while Greg showed him a thing or two about the Furby dance!


Posted August 3rd, 2007

On the last night, we went to a karaoke bar. What Dah Doo-Ay - they had an all-you-can-eat buffet, and you do the karaoke in your group in your own private room so you don't perforate anyone else's eardrums

You can see Dr Rob playing on the Nintendo Wii on the left

Here's Greg at Hong Kong airport, about to depart - the biggest, shiniest, fastest airport in the world

And here he is in front of our plane, at Gatwick, finally on home soil (cold and rainy home soil though...)

I realised that we hadn't had a pic of Greg with his heart lit up yet, so here it is. And Greg brought a special friend back, guess who...

It's Panda!

Thank you for viewing!


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