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Furby Adult Generation 1

Release Date: October 1998

By mid-November, the 1st Generation of Furbys had sold out in toy shops all across the globe. First generation Furbys can often have a high value, due to their collectibility - a worldwide success!

Tiger Electronics Name: Witches Cat

Tail/Mane: Tail

Comments: The rare all-black Furby

Tiger Electronics Name: Snowball

Tail/Mane: Tail

Comments: Also known as the all-white Furby

Tiger Electronics Name: Leopard

Tail/Mane: Tail

Comments: The first in a long line of different coloured leopard Furbys to be released

Tiger Electronics Name: Church Mouse

Tail/Mane: Mane

Comments: Very similar to the wolf Furby, also released in this generation

Tiger Electronics Name: Skunk

Tail/Mane: Mane

Comments: Better known as the tuxedo Furby, very much in demand by collectors

Tiger Electronics Name: Wolf

Tail/Mane: Mane

Comments: Identical to the church mouse Furby, but with grey tummy and mane

Furby is Ybruf backwards, which is the swedish word for 'understated fantasy creature'.

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