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Furby Adult Generation 9

Release Date: Unreleased

The Ninth Generation of Furby adults was not released anywhere in the world, and only a handful of prototypes are in existence. This is a very brightly coloured generation, with different fur textures (tight curls for the Goldfish Furby, long fur pile for the Tabby Cat, silky fur for the Eagle), and some of the designs are based on animals once again.

Credit for the photos goes to Tiger Electronics and the Prototype and Unproduced Furbys website at

Tiger Electronics Name: Parrot

Tail/Mane: Tail

Comments: A very bright Furby, who was made to look like a tropical parrot. Rumour has it that the eyes come in neon blue.

Tiger Electronics Name: Goldfish

Tail/Mane: Tail

Comments: This is an unusual design - the fur is in tight curls, a bit like the generation 4 Coral baby, and the eyes are pink-purple.

Tiger Electronics Name: Ocean

Tail/Mane: Mane

Comments: In the Tiger Electronics catalogue picture for this design, the fur is lighter like in the cartoon on the left.

Tiger Electronics Name: Eagle

Tail/Mane: Tail

Comments: This Furby has silky two-toned fur all over, a bit like the 7th generation Mink adult.

Tiger Electronics Name: Raspberry Swirl

Tail/Mane: Mane

Comments: Good enough to eat? The Raspberry Swirl, sometimes also known as the Raspberry Sundae, looks tasty.

Tiger Electronics Name: Tabby Cat

Tail/Mane: Mane

Comments: This Furby's fur is longer than the rest, and this makes them look plumper, like a fat cat...