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Furby Baby Generation 2

Release Date: December 1999

As the first generation of Furby Babies were highly successful, a follow-up Second Generation was released shortly after, with more bright and adventurous colour schemes. The 2nd Generation Furby Babies all have solid blocks of colour for their bodies and tummies.

Tiger Electronics Name: Clown

Tail/Mane: Tail

Comments: This Furby has some of the brightest and most vivid colours of all the Furby Babies

Tiger Electronics Name: Fresh Orange

Tail/Mane: Mane

Comments: Also known as the Citrus Furby, due to its lime green, bright orange and lemon yellow colours

Tiger Electronics Name: Very Purple

Tail/Mane: Mane

Comments: Called Very Purple, although it actually features a bright green tummy and white mane!

Tiger Electronics Name: Primary

Tail/Mane: Tail

Comments: Popular with younger children, this Furby baby features the primary colours - blue, red and yellow

Tiger Electronics Name: Springtime

Tail/Mane: Tail

Comments: Pretty purple-pink and pastel yellow colour. The Adoption Centre Manager's first Furby ever!

Tiger Electronics Name: Little Baby Blue

Tail/Mane: Mane

Comments: Has the same colour scheme as the Clown Furby Baby of this generation, but different shades.