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Furby Baby Generation 3

Release Date: February 2000

The Third Generation of Furby Babies moved away from the solid block colour schemes of the previous generations, and consisted mainly of Furbys with patterned and mottled fur. The 3rd generation babies even included a lambskin Furby, to go with the Adult Lamb of adult generation 3!

Tiger Electronics Name: Confetti

Tail/Mane: Tail

Comments: So called because of the interesting peach and green patches on its yellow fur

Tiger Electronics Name: Blue Change

Tail/Mane: Tail

Comments: This Furby features neon pinky-purple fur with bright blue overtones

Tiger Electronics Name: Purple Stripes

Tail/Mane: Mane

Comments: This Furby baby features wavy stripes on its body, in different shades of purple

Tiger Electronics Name: Curly

Tail/Mane: Mane

Comments: Also known as the Lamb Furby Baby. Has short fleecy cream-coloured fur, just like a lamb

Tiger Electronics Name: Wavy Stripes

Tail/Mane: Tail

Comments: Also known as the Blue Leopard - has an orange body with blue leopard spots

Tiger Electronics Name: Flower Bud

Tail/Mane: Mane

Comments: This Furby's fur has a more simple block colour scheme than the other Furbys of this generation