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Furby Baby Generation 4

Release Date: March/April 2000

The Fourth Generation of Furby Babies were the last generation of babies to be out on general release to buy in stores. They were very inventive and original, with different fur patterns and textures. The 4th generation Furby Babies even included a new lamb, and a sparkly pink model!

Tiger Electronics Name: Sheep

Tail/Mane: Mane

Comments: Very similar to the generation 3 Curly Furby Baby, but with darker undertones to its lambskin

Tiger Electronics Name: Seahorse

Tail/Mane: Mane

Comments: An interesting blend of mottled shades of gold and reddish-brown

Tiger Electronics Name: Purple Tip

Tail/Mane: Tail

Comments: Has white fur tinted at the ends with a blueish-purple - almost seems to change colour!

Tiger Electronics Name: Coral

Tail/Mane: Mane

Comments: Has different shades of mottled pink in its fur, just like the colour of coral!

Tiger Electronics Name: Lime Green

Tail/Mane: Tail

Comments: Similar to the Purple Tip baby of this generation, but with lime green and white colours

Tiger Electronics Name: Crystal

Tail/Mane: Tail

Comments: This Furby Baby features pink fur with sparkly tinsel glitter strands, like the Champagne adult!