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Shelby Generation 1

Release Date: April 2000

Following the success of Furby, Spring 2000 saw the release of the fabulous Shelby, friend to Furby, sometimes called cousin of Furby. Shelbys are clam-like creatures, with a whole lot of attitude! They can open and shut their shells, wiggle their 'tennies' (antennae), play games, and need feeding, just like Furbys. Generation 1 features six basic colours, including metallic blue and green, but each shell also has pretty airbrush effect patterns.

Tiger Electronics Name: Midnight Black

Shell Colour: Mottled black & beige, blushing cheeks


Tiger Electronics Name: Lemon Drop

Shell Colour: Bright yellow shell, plus red and green


Tiger Electronics Name: Lilac

Shell Colour: Various mottled tones of purple


Tiger Electronics Name: Blue Moon

Shell Colour: Metallic blue shades, blushing cheeks


Tiger Electronics Name: Aqua Marine

Shell Colour: Metallic green (similar to blue moon)


Tiger Electronics Name: Melon Ball

Shell Colour: Lovely tropical shades of orange