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Special Limited Collector's Editions Furbys (1)

Tiger Electronics released the first Limited Edition Furby, the Spring Furby, in April 1999. Since then, more than 20 different Special Limited Edition Collector's Furbys have been released, ranging from those which were available in most high street stores in units of up to 500,000, to the rare and extremely collectable Furbys such as the Hi-C, which you can find on the 4th Collector's Furbys page

Spring Furby (aka 1999 Spring Furby)

Release Date: April 1999      Quantity: 250,000

Comments: The first Special Edition Furby, and the first of three Spring Specials to be released. Fairly widely available. Has blue eyes only, and lilac body

Graduation Furby

Release Date: May 1999      Quantity: 250,000

Comments: Fairly widely available in stores. This Furby features a black graduation cap with gold tassels, and is similar to the much sought-after Gen 1 Tuxedo Furby

Patriotic Furby (aka Statue of Liberty Furby)

Release Date: May 1999      Quantity: 72,000

Comments: Exclusive to KB Toys stores. Has blue eyes. Tags are not individually numbered. Features starry tummy, crown and Lady Liberty flame torch!

Wizard Furby (aka Sorcerer Furby)

Release Date: July 1999      Quantity: 90,000

Comments: Exclusive to Toys R Us stores. Has blue eyes. Tags are not individually numbered. Features pointy wizard hat, & purple cape with stars & red bow!

Millennium Furby

Release Date: August 1999      Quantity: 30,000

Comments: Of the 250,000 Furbys released to commemorate the Millennium, 30,000 were exclusive to the USA store 'Shopko' and have sashes that read 'Millennium Furby'. These are the rarer type, and only available in the USA

Year 2000 Furby (aka Reverse Colour Millennium)

Release Date: December 1999     Quantity: 220,000

Comments: This Furby is deep blue and silver and has blue eyes only like the Millennium Furby, but the fur colours are reversed, and the sash reads 'Year 2000 Furby'. Was available worldwide, and sold in many different stores.