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Special Limited Collector's Editions Furbys (2)

The following 6 Special Limited Collector's Editions Furbys were released by Tiger Electronics between September and December 1999. They mainly consist of shop-exclusive Furbys, such as the Tropical Furby exclusive to Toys R Us and the Racing Furby exclusive to K-Mart. Some of these were specific to events such as Christmas and Halloween, whereas others are just themed, such as the Jester Furby.

Racing Furby (aka K-Mart Racing Furby)

Release Date: September 1999      Quantity: 72,000

Comments: This Furby could only be bought at the American store 'K-Mart', and so was only available in the USA. It apparently is only available with grey eyes, and features a chequered tummy, just like a Formula-1 racing flag!

Witch Furby (aka Fall / Autumn / Halloween Furby)

Release Date: Sept/Oct 1999      Quantity: 250,000

Comments: Features black witches hat with green trim, and Autumnal orange & black colour scheme. Brown eyes only. Has its own special Furby Story!

Tropical Furby (aka Summer / Hawaiian Furby)

Release Date: October 1999      Quantity: 36,000

Comments: This was the 2nd Furby exclusive to Toys R Us, and it was available worldwide. Not many produced, but it does not have individually numbered tags. Features sunglasses, removable flip-flops and colourful Hawaiian shirt!

Santa Furby (aka Father Christmas/ Holiday Furby)

Release Date: November 1999     Quantity: 500,000

Comments: One of the least hard to find of all Special Edition Furbys, as twice as many Santas than most of the other Specials were produced. Is rumoured to have blue eyes only. Has the Furby logo embroidered in green on his hat!

Jester Furby

Release Date: November 1999      Quantity: 72,000

Comments: This Furby was exclusive to the USA store 'Target'. Is rumoured to only be available with brown eyes. Features colourful jester's hat & frill, and unusual blue eyelids!

Reindeer Furby

Release Date: December 1999      Quantity: 250,000

Comments: This is the second Furby to be exclusive to toy company 'KB Toys'. The reindeer is available with brown eyes only. Has a belt of bells that really jingle! Half as many as the Santas were produced, but tags not individually numbered.