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Special Limited Collector's Editions Furbys (3)

On this page are the last Special Limited Collector's Edition Furbys ever released by Tiger Electronics, between January and November 2000. They include 2 more Spring-themed Furbys and a special Valentine's Day Furby, as well as the President Furby released for the 2000 US Presidential elections, who had his own campaign trail! The last Furby ever released was the Angel.

Valentine's Furby

Release Date: January 2000     Quantity: 150,000

Comments: This Furby was released just for Valentine's Day 2000, and was available worldwide in a range of different stores. Is like a reverse of the Flamingo Furby of Adult Generation 3, & has a gold 'I Love You' heart round her neck.

Easter Furby (aka Spring 2000 Furby)

Release Date: February 2000      Quantity: 250,000

Comments: This is the second Spring Special Edition Furby to be released, but was mainly meant to commemorate Easter - is wearing a pretty white Easter bonnet, decked with flowers and ribbons!

Spring Baby Furby

Release Date: February 2000      Quantity: 150,000

Comments: This is the first and only (to this date) Special Limited Collector's Edition Furby Baby to be released. It is exclusive to the Wal-Mart stores around the globe, and is available with special violet/purple-coloured eyes only.

Royal Furby (aka King Furby)

Release Date: April 2000      Quantity: 136,000

Comments: The Royal Furby comes with a red and gold plastic crown, and a kingly red fur-trimmed cloak held together with a red jewel. He is available with special purple eyes only, and has a Royal Furby poem in his tag

President Furby (aka Presidential Furby)

Release Date: Sept/Oct 2000      Quantity: 36,000

Comments: This Furby was released to mark the 2000 US presidential elections. Tiger Electronics ran a campaign to vote "Furby for President"! Comes with a shirt, tie and jacket with American flag and badge, Certificate of Authenticity, and a larger version of the badge for you to wear!

Angel Furby

Release Date: November 2000      Quantity: 10,000

Comments: The last Special Limited Edition Furby to be released. Available with purple eyes only, and has gold harp and halo, angel wings, and gold strands in her fur. Makes special heavenly sounds and angelic speech