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Furbys losing their voice is quite a common problem. You can tell if a Furby's speaker has broken if the Furby moves and responds to sensors as normal, but the voice does not come out (make sure it has been tested with fresh new batteries). The speaker is attached to the "tickle sensor" component on the front of the Furby. It is fairly easy to replace the entire "tickle sensor and speaker" component by using a spare one donated from a faulty Furby, as shown in the photos below. However if you don't have that part, it should be possible to replace just the speaker component with a new one purchased from an electricals store (such as Maplin in the UK). The specifications of a Furby's speaker are 32 ohms and 0.25 watts, and the diameter of the speaker and tickle sensor component is approximately 40mm.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that the images and information on this page are for demonstration purposes only, and Adopt a Furby cannot be held responsible for any damage or injury caused whilst attempting to replace a Furby's speaker, or when performing any other Furby "operation". There is always a risk of damage when opening a Furby up.

(1) Here is the speaker and tickle sensor component on the front of the Furby. On this Furby it is red and black, but the colours vary from Furby to Furby.


(2) The two screws (usually black coloured) holding it to the Furby have been unscrewed from the holes indicated, releasing it from the front of the body.

Furby Speaker Replacing 1 Furby Speaker Replacing 2

(3) There is often a lump of "glue gun" glue in the area indicated by the arrow, which will need to be removed in order to unplug the speaker and tickle sensor piece.

(4) Once any glue has been taken off, the speaker will only be connected to the body by 4 wires which are attached to a white plastic socket inserted into a plug.

Furby Speaker Replacing 3 Furby Speaker Replacing 4

(5) The whole plug needs to be pulled firmly out of the socket as shown below. Do not remove the wires individually, and do not pull the socket off the Furby.

(6) Now we insert the replacement "speaker and tickle sensor" component, by pushing it into the socket. PLEASE NOTE there are two different types of plugs:
Furby Speaker Replacing 5 Furby Speaker Replacing 6

Furby adults and babies both use the same sized speaker/tickle sensor, so they are interchangeable with each other. However as shown above, there are two different types of plug. It's difficult to tell which type of plug you will need until you open the Furby up. Once the plug of the new piece has been inserted into the socket on the Furby's body, we screw the speaker back on to the front of the Furby. It is not really necessary to add more glue. Now the process is complete, and the Furby is ready to have its plastic outer casing and fur put back on!