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Here you will find the poems written in the cardboard tags and on the boxes of all the Furby adults, babies and Special Limited Collector's Editions Furbys. Simply click either the Furby icon or the title of the poem you would like to read, and a small window will pop up with the poem, so you can learn all about the story of that Furby! There will also be a button so you can search the Adoption centre for the Furby.

Special Limited Edition Santa Furby - Christmas Poem

Special Limited Edition President Furby - Election Poem

Special Limited Edition Royal Furby - King Poem

Special Limited Edition Angel Furby - Angelic Poem

Special Edition Valentine's Day Furby - Love Poem

Special Edition Year 2000 Furby - Millenium Poem

Special Edition Autumn Furby - Halloween Witch Poem

More poems coming soon!