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Gizmo was originally from the film Gremlins(1984.) A story which begins with a father who is trying to buy his son Billy a quick gift for Christmas. He settles on a unique pet in a Chinatown curio shop-- a cute furry creature known as a Mogwai. He is given three rules that must be obeyed to own a Mogwai.
-1) Keep it away from bright light.
-2) Don't get it wet
-3) Never feed it after Midnight.
He takes the Mogwai home to his idyllic small-town home of Kingston Falls. Billy loves his adorable new pet, naming it Gizmo. Unfortunately, he and his friends begin to break the rules of Mogwai care. When water is accidentally spilled on Gizmo, it causes him to multiply and produce a number of mischievous little brothers. Among these is the mean-tempered Stripe. Soon enough, the new Mogwai get hold of some food after midnight and this causes them to change from cute fur-balls into nasty, scaly monsters dubbed 'Gremlins.'

The film was a great success and gained cult status in film history. Warner brothers even created a sequel Gremlins 2 (1990.)

Gizmo from Gremlins
Interactive Gizmo was created by Tiger in 1999 as part of an agreement made between Warner Brothers and Hasbro in an out of court settlement. Warner Bros had noticed the familiarities between Furby and Gizmo. So both sides agreed to bury the suit that was filed soon after Furby's autumn debut.

Gizmo is more intelligent and has a larger vocabulary than his Furby counterparts. Gizmo can interact with Furby, Furby Babies, Shelby and other Gizmos. He even sounds like the original Gizmo!

When Interactive Gizmo was first released his recommended retail price was 24.99.
  He was an instant hit and quickly became quite tough to find. He can now sell from anything up to 45.
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